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Prototype Nico 


Nico is my first asian Baby, sculpted on my grandson, the face his pulling, is the face my grandson pulls, he has full armature so can pose so well, his 19 inches weighs 8.8lb, rooted with asian black hair,

painted and ready to ship now,

shipping will be billed separately according to your country, please insure the shipping address is the same as the PayPal address

I do not ship to EU

£1950 plus shipping 

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Prototype Lilibet

lilibet is poured in a super soft blend, with full body armature,  19 inches 8.8 lb

ready to ship now

sculpted cast painted and rooted by my jo birch

shipping will be billed separately 

please make sure shipping details are correct on PayPal 


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Blank Molly #7 ready to ship
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Poured and ready to ship

blank molly kit No 7

18 inches 8.8lb 

poured in soft blend,


plus shipping,  which will be billed separately 

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